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Image: Many people die at twenty-five and aren't buried until 75- Croix Sather

Are you truly living? 

Some are willing to die for a country. Some will die for honor. Some will die for a cause. Many will die without a reason. 


Benjamin Franklin said, 

Many People die at 25

and aren't buried until 75


What he meant is that many people never truly live.


Many simply live an existence without a purposeful design. Going to work day after day in a job that is not fulfilling. It’s a death of 18,000 unfulfilling days. That is the number of days in the 50 years between age 25 and 75 years old.


Is what you are doing day-in and day-out, what you are willing to die for? 


Meaning that at the end of your life, what you have accomplished, created and experienced ... or didn’t ... is what you chose to live and die for.


What you do and who you are is the meaning of your life. It is your legacy.


Do you want your legacy to be, “She was broke, but she sure was good at Candy Crush.” Or your last thoughts to be, I wish I had travelled more. I wish I had written that book. I wish I had started that business. I wish I had …. [insert your biggest regrets].


Or do you want your legacy to be about how you put a dent in the universe? How you make a difference. How you lived up to your potential.How you became the person you were meant to be. 


Not all of us are going to be, or want to be celebrities, rock stars, business moguls, and leaders of world change. But we all have the ability to live up to our version of greatness. To make a difference in our family, community and environment. To create life that gives us meaning. To live our gift.


It’s your time to step up. To live your greatness. To become your highest self. To reach your potential. Nobody will do it for you. First you have to make a choice to be great. You have to summon the will. You have to reflect and discover your awesomeness.


You have to dig deep to develop your talents. And you have to muster the courage to live life by your standards and not down to others. And you must stay the course until you cross the finish line.


You are going die for something ... Die for greatness.


But first ...

make your life something worth living for.



To your beautiful adventures in life, laughter, love and making a dent in the universe!
… Croix

What do you think? 

Is what you're doing day-in and day-out what you are willing to die for? 


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