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Image: If we are still enough for long enough, our hearts beat in synchronicity  - Croix Sather


What's the first thing that grabs a man's Attention when they see a beautiful woman?


Every aspect of a woman is to be appreciated. Her charm, intelligence and wit. Her beauty, confidence and laughter. Her heart, kindness and soul. And of course every sensual curve.


The first thing that captures a man’s imagination is a woman’s body. We are visual beings. When a man is looking at you from head to toe, it is his primal code to do so. 


And for most men, we are fascinated with your breasts because we cannot help it, nor do we want to. And neither can women, you look too.


There is so much social pressure to hide our sexuality when we should be embracing it in tasteful fashion. The sensual beauty of our sexual nature is what attracts us to each other, both men and women. This is where we are confident and come from a place of love to be passionately connected with another soul. 


I’ve always looked at the body as the most amazing art form. I took nude drawing classes at university even though I found it oddly uncomfortable as someone I didn't know posed naked making eye contact. It was not just to look at a naked woman, but to study her every perfect curve. While women are far more subtle about this, most also admire a sculpted man's body. 


If women do so much to be beautiful, then men should too. Even more so if man is to be the warrior, the protector, and fight for justice. If we are the kings, then we should not only look the part with a gladiator body, but be the part. Work hard to create a strong mind, body and spirit. Live with honor and respect of all life and all people. Live in confidence in all that you are. Men must develop a genuine self-love and self-acceptance to be whole. As a king it is your duty to stand tall with faithful devotion to your queen, and to also treat every woman with reverence.


A real queen is one that embraces her femininity and is confident in her body and beauty. She is self-assured and loves herself. One that does not scorn her man for admiring her body, but cherishes that he does so. She knows that he cannot resist her. She resides in the idea that she drives her man wild. She does not hide her body to conceal it, but to cover her body because it is only for her man to reveal it. Showing just enough to keep him captivated and wanting more.


As your warrior king, we find our strength in the arms of our queen. Your soft skin, delicious lips and the irresistible femininity of your breasts and curves. There is no place else we want to be than next to your naked body. Pressed against your skin. Feeling your heartbeat. And if we are still enough and close enough, for long enough, our hearts will beat in synchronicity. Our breathing will become one. And our souls will connect.


So when your man wants to hold you as you lay together. Press your breasts against him. Grab his hand and hold it to your chest as you fall asleep. He will become your peaceful warrior. He will know that you own him and he will surrender his heart as yours. And if he is a real king, he will live for only you.



So get out there ... and GET Lucky !


© Croix Sather


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