"One of the Most Inspirational Ted Talks"

 Croix Sather has spoken on two TEDx stages. 

      "Do The Impossible" - Las Vegas

      "Winning the World's Toughest Race" - NYC (scroll down)

"Do the Impossible" is an inspirational TEDx talk about accomplishing 'impossible' goals when others say that you can't do it. Watch this video when the cynics, dream stealers, and doubters try to discourage you from your goals and dreams.  


When I told my friends and family I wanted to run across America, they all said, "It's crazy", "It's impossible" and "You'll kill yourself" because one year before I ran from California to New York City, I was not a runner. With just one year of running, I trained, prepared, and planned my coast to coast transcontinental crossing. 


Each day I ran a marathon distance a day for a 100 consecutive days. But this video is not about running. This video is about following your dreams and the lessons I learned about how to accomplish extraordinary goals and dreams. 

WINNNG The World's Toughest Race 

TEDx Talk, The Upper East Side, NYC

"Winning the World's Toughest Race" is a motivational TEDx talk about crossing the hottest place on the planet in Death Valley, California. This was a solo unassisted race of 146 miles through the harshest environment in the world. Race day was 117 degrees fahrenheit. The race course starts at the lowest point to the highest point in the continental in the continental United States. 


This is an inspiring talk pushing through challenges, boredom and pain to succeed in business and life.