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Have you ever loved someone so much that you say, “I freaking love you”? Love someone to the point that you cannot stand to be away from them? You would do anything for that person … and I mean anything. 


When you are in love you will show your love daily in amazing ways. Maybe buy flowers, write love notes, and spend quality time. You tell that person “I love you” all the time and you mean it. You truly deeply mean it. You look deeply through the eyes into that their soul and share your love with every cell in your body.


When you are in love like this, you see past the mistakes, faults and the misgivings of the past. That person you love so dearly can do no wrong.


You will give so much latitude when they do something wrong or even stupid. You know that what ever happened it was never meant to hurt you and so you of course forgive and forget. Sure you might be mad or hurt for a moment but you’ll let it go because your love is so great. You hold yourself and your love to a higher level, so you both can grow from the experience.


This is love!


You accept a person in imperfect perfection and love deeply without restraint or qualifications. To love somebody in so many ways with your words, actions and forgiveness. You give that amazing person the space, encouragement and support to grow.


You will let them make their mistakes along the journey of life and love them every minute of the way. You support them and help them succeed. This is the love that you want and seek in return.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a person who loves you in all the ways you want to be loved? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to be loved by someone who amplifies your greatness, helps you be free to be the incredible person you are and to be more of that person?


You already have someone like that.

Or at least you should and you could. 

This person is you.


Do you love yourself this way?


Do you love yourself as you are? Do you encourage yourself to grow in a loving and supportive way? Do you forgive with love when you fall short or make a mistake?


Self love is important to success and happiness. Self love must come before loving someone else, or that relationship can never be truly healthy and complete. 


Love begins with loving yourself. Love yourself in a way that you would love another when love is new and perfect. Love yourself this way all the time and deepen your love as you grow as a person in this journey we call life.


You might be wondering about this mug in the photo. I bought this for myself. It’s my favorite mug. I drink my favorite Maharaja and Samurai Chai blend tea from it every day to remind myself ... to love myself. To be forgiving when I fall short of all that I want to be. To be my best cheerleader when I succeed. And to remind myself that self-love comes first. You do that, and everything else in life will take care of itself.


I freaking love you!


To your adventures in life, laughter, magic moments and love!
… Croix

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