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When I was a young boy, I wondered … What amazing thing will I do with my life? 


As you grow up, you hear over and over, advice to ...

- Take the safe route. 

- Set realistic goals.

- Follow the rules and try to fit in. 


But that never felt right to me. 

I always felt ‘different’ and I felt called to do something 'different'. 

When Tragedy Strikes ... 

Then when I was 14 years old, I was riding home on my bicycle when a speeding drunk driver swerved her car, crossing the double yellow line. 


She never saw me. She never slowed down. And plowed into me at full speed. 


The car crushed my bicycle under the big metal bumper. I was launched over the hood and bounced off the windshield and was launched into the air. 


The police report said that my body flew over the 50’ feet before crashing to the ground in a bloody, unrecognizable mess. 


When my parents got to the hospital the doctor said, “If he survives the night, he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.” My parents collapsed into each other’s arms and they prayed ... They prayed for a miracle. 


I was in a coma for 4 days. When I woke my parents were still sitting by my side holding my hands. Then I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Months in bone casts. And I went to physical rehabilitation for a year building strength and retraining my legs to walk again. 


In that year of rebuilding my muscles and regaining a normal life, I learned an important life lessons. 


  • 1 - Be grateful because tomorrow isn't promised
  • 2 - No complaining. Do what you have to do to get the job done.
  • 3 - Find the beauty of the every day moments. 


It’s not always easy. At times it might be brutally hard and even painful. But if you are going to get to the finish line, you have to push yourself through the pain, discomfort and boredom. Because the storms of life will pass, and you are left with who you became through the process. 


Tough times will break you, or make you. 


Which one will it be?

... The one that YOU choose.


You must choose to make your hardship a defining moment in your life. 

You must choose to be stronger and better in the end.  


After the accident my parents would say to me, “You got a second chance. What will you do with it?”

That would become a guiding philosophy of my life. 


Every day we wake up, we have a second chance. 

A new fresh opportunity. 

The ability to start over. 


Why not today? 

Today you can leave that toxic relationship 

Today you can quit the job you hate to find a job you love. 

Today you can start to exercise, eat better, and get healthy. 

Today is the day you can start your own business. 

Like my dad and my brothers, I became a carpenter at sixteen years old. But then in my early 30's when I felt like there was some else for me ... something more. Carpentry was a good career. I was very good at it and I was financially successful, but I was unfulfilled. Success without fulfillment ... is still failure.


Success without fulfillment ... is still failure.


So I started searching for a life of meaning and purpose.


I dove deep into the world of personal growth. It was called self-help back then and almost taboo. I discovered that the first step to an extraordinary life is to choose to be extraordinary. If you want to be great, you must decide to be great and then you must commit to becoming that person. My life became a test tube for success. And the results I got, well frankly, they have been amazing ... with some epic failures ... that's part of the journey to a life you truly love. 

My life started to change when I asked myself this question ...


"What would I do if ... I knew I would succeed?

If failure was impossible, what would I do?"


I asked myself that question for years until I heard about a run across America. I thought, "That is the the most incredible thing I've ever heard of. I have to do it."


... But I wasn't a runner.

I trained every day for one year. Then my run across America started in San Diego. I ran a marathon distance each day for 100 consecutive days. By the time I crossed the finish line in New York City, I had run over 2,621 miles.

Each day I also gave an inspirational keynote speech to audiences in challenge such as, addiction recovery centers, homeless shelters, the United Way, "Back on my Feet Again," and Hope for the Warriors.


I was often featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS where they called me "The Marathon Man." 

I would become the only person in the world to run 100 marathons plus give 100 keynote speeches in the same 100 consecutive days.

Believe with Croix Sather

Soon after I completed my run across America, I was looking to accomplish something even bigger. There are not many things bigger or harder than a run across America.


National Geographic called the "Badwater" race in Death Valley "The hardest foot race on the planet." So with another year of training, that's what I set out to conquer. But unlike the team even, I decided to do it without assistance of a crew team, making it 10X harder. 


Death Valley is the hottest place on the planet with summer temperatures up to 130 degrees F. It's a desert with nothing but rocks, sand, and snakes. In the annual race, each runner has a support team to carry the food water and supplies. But I would cross Death Valley without any assistance of any kind. It's a race against the clock where I push a cart filled with my water, food, and supplies.


My goal ... to beat the world record set 13 years earlier by Marshall Ulrich's record of just over 78 hours.  


The temperatures range from 117 degrees in midday to freezing temperatures at night. The elevational climb is 25,000 feet. Or roughly equivalent to 25 Empire State Building stacked on top of each other. All while pushing a cart that weighs 270 pounds. 


In my first attempt, I only made it to 45 miles before I had to quit. My body rebelled against the heat and intensity of the race. As I was heading back to the air-conditioned hotel room, my videographer barked at me, "How can you quit? You're the guy who ran across America giving speeches about never giving up on their dream. And now you are quitting. This is worse than failing. It's pathetic." 


I sulked and soaked in his words. And he was right. I can't give up. I have to finish what I trained a whole year to be ready for. So, I rested for three days, restocked my cart and I went back to Death Valley. Not to mile 45 where I my body shut down. But back to the starting line ... Mile zero. 


At that time, there were only two people who had successfully completed an unassisted run through Death Valley from the lowest point to the highest point in the United States. 13 years after the record was originally set, I became the 3rd person in the world to complete the course.


Does it matter if I broke the world record?
Not really because what matters more is that I didn't let a failure just three days earlier stop me. I did not quit on my dreams. I went back and completed one of my life's biggest goals. And became one of the best ultra distance runners in the world. 


When I got to the top of the Mt. Whitney in California, I took a photo of my watch to document my time. I finished in 72 hours and 55 minutes.


I didn't just beat the record...  

... I crushed the previous world record by almost 5 hours.


My official time and a new world record was 72 hours : 55 minutes. 

And to think, just 2 years earlier I was not a runner, or any kind of athlete. I am not genetically gifted. Especially not for running. Nor do I have a runners physique. And I was 40 years old at the time. 


So how did I do it?

I committed to my dream and took massive action to make it happen. I was willing to work and do whatever it takes to accomplish my dream. 


You can accomplish more that you can imagine if you ...


Do this and you will be amazing at what you accomplish. No running required. ;)

Today, I travel the world as a professional speaker and author on life transformation, and the psychology of success. I've been featured on the Las Vegas TEDx stage and the NYC TEDx stage.


As well as presenting for some of the biggest corporate names and some of the most important organizations in the world. 


You can also find my life transformation programs and books by CLICKING HERE

In my self-discovery journey, I learned that my life could be anything I want it to be. After my run across America and world record in Death Valley, I wanted to find my purpose and passion. 


I started to create the lifestyle that I dreamed of living since I was a little boy. I wondered what it would be like to see the world and to live in other countries and even in remote hidden cultures. 

My first week as a nomad by Croix Sather

I traveled the United States as a speaker as well as some international speaking events, but it wasn't exactly the experience I was dreaming about, jumping from city to city and living in hotels. There is only so many times you can speak in Las Vegas and Orlando before it loses its appeal. 


So I decided on a lifestyle experiment. I put everything I owned in storage and for three months I went on a driving tour of almost every state in America. I stayed with friends and visited many of the places I always wanted to see. 


I absolutely LOVED the experience! This was just an experiment, so I wasn't fully committed to a nomadic life ... not yet. 

At the Secret Falls in Costa Rica, with Croix Sather

After my driving tour of America I took a detour into Costa Rica to live and tour the most ecologically diverse country on the planet. 


I loved living in Costa Rica and the idea of living abroad really appealed to me. I wanted to explore more countries.


So on the advice of a friend, I moved to Colombia, South America. Medellin still has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But like everything on the news, it is over sensationalized. 


It was love at first step out of the airport. I felt at peace and at home from the moment I saw the stunningly beautiful Andes mountain city. 


Medellin has gone through a renaissance. It is now safe and flourishing. It is a hidden gem in the world. Shhhh. 


I stayed there for three years splitting my time between the United States, Asia, and Medellin, Colombia. 


Today, I live a hybrid nomadic life. I split my time between the USA and various cities around the world. 2020 has kept me still in the USA for a year, but I am now traveling again with some caution and prudence. 

My life has been an experiment into the world of human potentiality.


When I was a carpenter, we would work for people who lived in huge mansions and they often drove cars worth more than our home and parked them in garages bigger than our home. While others saw rich people through the eyes of jealousy and contempt such as ... "money hungry crooks who lacked moral direction," I admired and wondered ...


"Why are they wealthy but we are not?

Why do some people become millionaires most are perpetually broke?" 


Even as a teenage boy, I could see that our wealthy clients were not the scoundrels that the movies and media made them out to be. The wealthy people I met, they were warm, helpful, caring, and generous people. What others called ruthless and snobby, I discovered were people with busy lives that valued their time.What was seen as snobby, was just people who kept their distance from the lazy and unfocused people who didn't value time. 


I found that many people in my working class community where trying to game the system to do as little as possible. Wealthy people were very hard working and purposeful with their time and actions to create a life of meaning and purpose. 


While it seemed like all work and no play with the wealthy families, the wealthy families vacationed much more and to amazing places around the world. I realized that my family was working way harder to only budget vacation one week a year. When I was invited over to a wealthy school mates' monster sized home, they lived happy, loving lives, just like us. There was no difference in the type of people they were. They loved, laughed and enjoyed life just like us. They simply had bigger homes, pools and fancy vacations. 


As a child experiencing the 'just getting by' way of life compared to the wealthy life of clients and classmates, it planted the seeds to understand why some people are perpetually broke while others are incredibly wealthy.


The difference ... ?

Mindset, beliefs, and habits.