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Your Life, Money and Happiness. 

You thought you'd be further by now. You thought you'd have it figured out. But you feel sort of trapped. It's frustrating and sometimes overwhelming to know that there is so much more to life, but you're not living it ... Yet!

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7 Success Habits Audio Series

Rich and successful people think and act differently than the average person. This is why they are wealthy and successful.

These are my 7 Most Powerful Success Strategies based on my world records and coaching thousands of people. 


When you live these habits, your life will instantly start to change. Make these a daily part of your life and in 3 months your life will truly level up. In a year, it will be unrecognizable. 

  • Habit 1 - How to THRIVE in life, success and purpose.
  • Habit 2 - A simple routine to DOUBLE your productivity and improve your wealth, health, and happiness. 
  • Habit 3 - How to say NO to your obstacles and say YES to your goals and dreams. 
  • Habit 4 - Your SECRET WEAPON to success. Master this and everything else becomes easy. 
  • Habit 5 - How to live in your PERSONAL POWER for more success and inner strength. 
  • Habit 6 - How to STOP PROCRASTINATING and truly achieve remarkable things. 
  • Habit 7 - How to get the Universe to conspire for your success. 

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Who the top experts, authors and coaches turn to when life knocks them down. 

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Croix Sather 

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This life is meant to be truly lived, loved, and explored to its fullest. This life is meant to lived with purpose and meaning that makes the world a better place because you were here. 


The world tells us that we should have 'realistic' goals and "be happy with what you have." This is why 70% of people say they are unhappy and unsatisfied in life. 


If I listened to common advice, I never would have run across America, or broke the world record running through Death Valley, the hottest place on the planet and becoming one of the most elite athletes in the world. 


Had I conformed to social expectations, I never would have traveled the world for three years living in Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and visiting many other places. As well as touring the United States for three months.


Regular success strategies fall short. If you listen to common knowledge it will get you common results ... and keep you broke and unhappy. 

Croix Sather the coach to the coaches



Even in these difficult times, you can thrive. You can level up, or totally transform your life. Just because the world is in chaos, your life doesn't have to be. Why not make this a moment that you look back on as the moment that everything changed and life truly became extraordinary.  

Croix Sather - Life transformation coach to the coaches

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